Ubuntu, Debian, etc

By default, Netdata only shows data from the last hour (unless configured to keep data for a longer period of time).

In version 1.15, they included a database engine, which can be used to store more data. It is very easy to enable it, but I could not find anywhere a guide showing how to do it. So, here it goes.

First, you must update your Netdata to at least v. 1.15.

Then, you must find your netdata install folder. There, you must look for a script called edit-config. In one of my servers, it is located at /etc/netdata, but in another one it was in a different location. Navigate to that folder, then run this command:

./edit-config health.d/dbengine.conf

You may need to use sudo.

After that, you must edit netdata.conf, which is in the same folder. Under [global], you must add these 3 lines:

memory mode = dbengine
page cache size = 32
dbengine disk space = 256

And that's it. Reboot, and load the netdata page at servername:19999. To make sure that it is working, I had to wait one hour to see if it would keep showing old data or not. Maybe there's a better way to check it, but that's what I did.




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